Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Ultimate Inspiration

The news of Steve jobs death really hit me hard this morning when I turned on my PowerBook G4 from 2004 that is still going strong and read the news on my homepage. I don't know why it is affecting me so much but I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that his 2005 Stanford Commencement address as been an anthem for mine for quite some time now, and because I have watched this video and read the transcript so many times in fact I have it all but committed to memory, I feel as if I knew him in some sort of way. Whenever I am unsure, whenever I am questioning what I am about to do, I think about these words and it gives me the courage I need to make the necessary decisions.

There are very few geniuses left in the world and even fewer visionaries but Steve Jobs was both. This man changed the world as we know it and allowed us possibilities that many if us never dreamed possible. These words of wisdom are some that I will personally never tire of and that inspire me to do my best work every single day. They are also the words that encouraged me to follow my heart and pursue my dreams. As dramatic as it may sound, it's true.

If you have never listened to or read this speech in its entirety, be prepared to be inspired and to re-think everything you do in your life. And if you have heard it before, listen again, I assure you that you will find something new every time......

Stay hungry, stay foolish.

Written transcript can be found here.

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