Sunday, October 2, 2011


When I create new work its usually because I am inspired by something. Sometimes it will be the work of another artist, other times it will be a specific color or a particularly interesting person I see out about town. Sometimes I will sit on a bench in one of the piazzas and watch the people walking  by, always with my sketch book in my lap. Other times I will spend hours scouring the internet looking at jewelry and accessory designs. I usually scan through trying to get a feel for the current trends and what is happening right now.  And then every one in a while I find something that stops me in my tracks and I look at every piece that I can find from that designer.  And while this particular designer is not Italian, she is a fellow Los Angelen and am officially inspired by the use of color and the uniqueness of the work. The pieces are made with leather, chain and various other jewelry making materials. And they are just wonderful.

I know that some may think it is silly of me as a jewelry designer myself to promote or write about another designer on my blog, but I truly believe that it is important for artists to support each other and that a true artist is always inspired by others and uses that inspiration to help get their own creative juices flowing. I am always interested in the way that other artists think, how they interpret the world and what inspires them. But more than anything else I love when I find an artist who is not afraid to be themselves and who's unique vision and personality shows though the work. I find that to be very much the case with the work of Christina Anton at Boo and Boo Factory. Have a look at her Etsy shop and be inspired.  Enjoy!

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