Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fantasia Favolosa

The city of Florence has been inspiring great artists and designers for centuries.  I am continually humbled by the talent and imagination of others around me.  And while I always love to see what the big name designers are up to, its really the small indie artists and designers that leave me in awe.
Freedom, I think this is my favorite, but it really is so hard to decide.
The dedication and craftsmanship of Eleonora Marchi is quite fabulous. These headpieces are so amazing! Her work is gallant and whimsical and at times outrageous in the best of ways.
Nest Butterfly House
She calls her Etsy shop "On Your Head" and is continuously  coming up with the most -->
magnificent creations.  Yes, I do imagine that one may very well feel like a queen with one of these fantastic creations On Your Head.  She also makes these delightful little handbags as well.
Flowers Circle
  Which one is your favorite? Hard to choose isn't it?


  1. I love the bee & honeycomb one!! Darling!

  2. I know, pretty great uh?! She is so talented.

  3. What an artist! Very beautiful. Bird cage is my favorite! :) but the butterflies I think I would actually consider wearing...

  4. Yes, she really has great stuff, did you see her Etsy shop? Even more beautiful stuff there! Thanks for stopping by:)


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