Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Musings: Butterflies, Teapots, and Flowers

It's been cold and rainy since I returned from California, so yes, you could say that I am California dreaming on such a winters day. I honestly don't know how the Scandinavians do it, with such little sun for 6 months! I guess the payff must be the 6 other months of constant light! I am very much looking forward to sunshine, flowers and warmer days so I am musing away and gathering inspiration for the week and attempting to add some color to this grey day. Here are a few of my favorites, like a breath of fresh air, I hope they will revive your senses and make your day happy!

Desire to Inspire
Dwell Accessories
Metal Sculpture by David Kracov
Just one of the many gorgeous pieces by Kathe Fraga 

From the exquisite Giorgianna Lane

One of my all time favorite interior designers, Patricia Guild
Christy Kinard
Just another reason to go to NYC! Fabulous scupture by Will Ryman
Flower Construction by Anne ten Donkelaar
Claire Basler
Jose Villa photography
If we can't have the sunshine just yet, at least there is hot tea. Now if only I had a teapot like this! 


  1. I love reading through your blog Sara! I've just returned from a painting trip to Florence, such an inspiring city. I've been keeping winter at bay too, painting up in my studio from all of the sketches and studies that I made there.Your posts keep that feeling alive for me. Have a great day!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Steve! Your paintings are very beautiful! Full of life and color. Florence is definitely an inspiring place. I immediately recognized the painting on your home page, that is where I begin my afternoon run along the Arno! Thank you for the comment! A presto

  3. Hi Sara, Thank you so much for including my work on your beautiful blog! I'm so honored! All the best, Kathe Fraga


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