Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Quick Note....

Hi there, just a quick note to let you know that I will be back soon. I know I seem to do this a lot, call it my ADD or dyslexia (yes I have both) I don't know but a friend of mine made a very good point this morning. You see I've been getting sick a lot lately. Too much. And not just a little cold kind of sick but the really bad kind of sick that lays me out for days with high fevers. My friend said that sickness is often 'like a coded message' and that our bodies are trying to tell us something, perhaps like, slow down, or maybe even just STOP for a while. I always have a hard time doing that. I always feellike I need to get everything done NOW! In fact my husband even said to me last Sunday when I insisted on going to ikea to get a few things that honestly could have waited, that we haven't had a day of rest since I got back from the US.

So her thoughts seem to be right on and it makes perfect sense. Between getting over my last illness just in time to travel to California to finalize some documentation, to finishing my studio (which I will post picture of, I promise) to coming back to high season and apartment rentals in full swing, as well as work, overdoing my workouts (my own fault) and some other personal things, my friends comment really made a lot of sense. Sometimes it takes someone outside of your daily life to point things out before we can really see them. So for that, I would like to thank her for taking a moment to help me see what I was missing.

On that note, as I said, I will be back, but for now I need to just stop and relax and regroup. Thanks for understanding everyone!

A presto!


  1. Enjoy your relax and do it well :-) Looking forward to hearing more from you when the time is right :-)

    1. Thanks B! I appreciate your kind words. I'm learning the art of relaxing, its not easy but hopefully I'll get it right this time!


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