Wednesday, March 6, 2013

(February) and March Madness

Spring is around the corner, the sun has been teasing us and came out for a few days but it looks like grey skies are back for the rest of the week and through the weekend.

The current view from my courtyard

Winter around here is usually pretty quiet so I'm always looking for ways to keep myself busy and aside from spending my mornings with an incredibly handsome five month old, much of the busy-ness seems to involve Pinterest and crack, aka Nutella. It's bad, I'm telling ya. I always save my glass jars and I've counted 5 Nutella jars so far, and that's been in the last month. They're not the big daddy jars, but still, that averages us at a little over a jar per week. I usually buy the medium sized jar, cause, ya know, I always say well, we're not really going to use all that, I mean its only to have a little something in the house in case we get a sweet craving......Except that on my Monday afternoon grocery run, I actually broke down and bought the 750g jar, it's going to save us money in the long run....OMG! What have I become? 
These Nutella cookies are from Lovin in the Oven and they are so simple to make. Dangerously simple. So simple in fact that my husband actually made them himself the other night, and for those of you who know my husband you know how incredible that is. They have been making an appearance around here at least once a week. And then the the night things got a little out of control and somehow they ended up with a scoop of stracciatella gelato in between them. oooops!  So bad but oh so good! 
And then there's the banana nutella muffins. Also pretty simple, just swirl a little nutella into the batter before they go  in the oven. This recipe and photo come from the Novice Chef (mine don't look anywhere near this pretty) They've been breakfast all week
And then there are these brownies that are like heaven. This recipe from honey & jam doesn't have Nutella in it, but I fixed that and added a half  cup then topped them with some gelato alla crema, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. This really was an exception, it was our Valentines day dessert :) 

And then of course there's the Nutella on bread and swirled in greek yogurt, see it can be heathy, and.....oh who am I kidding, by the spoonful ok! Straight into my mouth!! Oh my, this has to stop..........

......but I still have a half jar left. Do you have any Nutella recipes to share? 


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