Saturday, January 14, 2012

Luci e Ombre/ Light and Shadows by Felice Limosani

As I was walking home last night I caught a glimpse of the ongoing light installation project running here in Florence until Sunday January 15th titled Luce e Ombre or Light and Shadows.  As I was passing the Palazzo Strozzi I could hear the music coming from the courtyard so I popped in the check things out. It was like the building was alive. The facade was pumping and breathing and the vibration of the music was reminiscent of a pounding heart.  I captured a little video on my cell phone and tried to post it but for some reason it doesn't want to work and since I'm not terribly tech savvy, I borrowed a video from YouTube. It was super cool and it will be happening again this evening if you didn't get a chance to check it out yet.

If you liked that video you can find more on YouTube at luci e ombre palazzo strozzi You can also check out the information posted on the Palazzo Strozzi website.

This light and sound installation is the perfect metaphor for the contemporary art scene in Florence.  Light and Shadow, as it certainly is the case that contemporary artists constantly find themselves living in the shadow of the great Renaissance masters.  And while the heart of the Renaissance still beats strong we are constantly trying to bring our new work to light and gain recognition. This particular piece is also interesting to me since the Palazzo Strozzi is one of the most important historic structures in the city, and houses a contemporary art collection and ongoing contemporary art exhibitions. I also love the idea of mixing current day technology with historic, a fantastic juxtaposition of old and new and the incredible difference in the designing and building of structures past and present. I was fascinated by the piece and think I may even go and check it out again this evening. Enjoy!


  1. Working as an historical tour guide sounds like my dream job.
    How is it? Did you start your own tours or did you find a job within another company?
    Great video too, it is so surreal!

    The Wanderfull Traveler

  2. hi Murissa!

    Thanks for your comment. Being a tour guide can be great, lots of fun and also lots of hard work. For Italy you will require a license to become a tour guide. If your interested you can find more info here
    Good luck!


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