Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Running Late, I'll be there in 15.....

....that's the story of my life. Although I do have half of an excuse. I'm half Italian.  Or maybe more like 75% by now right? (After all I've been living here for almost 11 years.)  The German side of me however, really doesn't agree with this running late business. But I can't help it. I don't know why.  I try and I try but for some reason it just doesn't work.  The Italians are notorious for being late in fact their idea of being on time is at least 15 minutes late. And that's just really how it goes. So don't expect that just because the store hours indicate that they will be there at 15:30 that they actually will be, it's more like 15:30ish.  But that's beside the point. This past weekend, the internet was out in the house and not only is it  amazing how much we depend on it, but how much not having it has put me behind. I was already running about 10 days behind 'schedule' and the to do list keeps getting longer and longer, but then without connection for 5 days, (even though they told me it would only be a few hours) I am now about 15 days behind, but, I suppose in Italian time, I'm right on schedule.  So that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I'm sorry to be boring but I will have something more exciting to tell you soon. Promise.  A presto!


  1. Haha... I'm aaaaaways a little bit late too. Or at least a little bit. In Sweden this drives people crazy. Swedish people should always be on time. That's why I felt I was finally at home in Italy. There is nothing wierd about being an artist and my lateness almost wasn't even noted.

    Glad that your Internet is back. We were out of it for a weekend and I felt like I had lost a leg or something. A little bit scary how much we use it.
    Waiting to hear about the things coming up!


  2. LOL! Thanks Helene! That makes me feel better. Its true, they really don't notice being late around here. I think everyone is so used to it that it just becomes normal. But it always make me feel a little guilty and then I rush only to find out that I'm actually still the first one there!! Funny!

    And yeah, the internet has really changed everything hasn't it? I too felt like there was something missing all weekend, like I was lost!

    Thanks for your comments! I always enjoy them :)


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