Friday, December 9, 2011

In Your Opinion

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Its almost Christmas and then it will be New Year's eve.  2012 is almost here. I know, hard to believe isn't it?  Especially since that means that the end of the world is coming.  Or is it the end of the world as we know it? Do you feel fine?

Things are definitely changing that's for sure.  While the last 10 years have absolutely changed how we communicate with each other, even more specifically the last 5 years have been incredible in terms of technology and social networking. Now we are dealing with an economy that is enough to scare even those of us who know nothing about the economy. Not to mention an increasing number of natural disasters and melting ice caps.  So I say hey, what's going on?

I really try hard not to be negative and always try to look at the bright side of things. I try to understand the lesson or the reason for everything that happens and to be grateful for that what I do have and not what I don't. But I want to know what others think of the current state of our world.  Why are we so scared? Have we come to expect too much and now we are faced with the possibility that we may longer be able to 'have' everything that we feel like we should?  Life has been moving incredibly fast in recent years, are we afraid it will suddenly slow down and we may have to reexamine how we live and what is really important.

Here in Italy, most people I know were not happy with the Berlusconi administration so there is now a  new leader in his place but from what I hear in giro, no one seems to be happy with his new ideas or policies for trying to fix the ever failing economy of the country. Of course we all have our ideas as to how things should be done, but are we considering all the factors? Do we really understand what it means to fix these difficult problems? Will we EVER be happy? Will it ever be enough?  What do we really want in the end of it all?

I will be the first to admit that I am ignorant when it comes to politics and economics and my reasons for it is simply because I don't understand how it all works and it bores me to death! And if this is all really so bad should we really be wasting our time worrying and complaining about it or try to focus on the things in life that actually bring us joy and happiness? When do we trust that it will all work out and focus on being happy and appreciating life for what it is? Is ignorance really bliss?

I want to know what you think?  How do you feel about it all?  How can we fix it? 


  1. I think the media and how attached we can be to it is the main root of the problems. Like you said, maybe ignorance is bliss. I think about my italian grandmother-in-law who doesnt know about any of the worlds problems, and she is one of the happiest, most loving people I have EVER met.

    I do think that we naturally want to latch onto negative things because its sooo much easier to do that. I know it is for myself, I have to constantly tell myself "Look at the GOOD in this, look at the GOOD in people".

    Learning to focus our energy on the positive and living for this moment, right now, is the key.

    Great post & insight Sara, Thank you for sharing! XX

  2. Thank you Christy! Great comment as well. It's so true, the media really does know how to twist and turn and scare the C**P out of us, but maybe if we were all like your nonna the world would be a happier place. Who knows?

    Maybe it's easier for us to blame things that are not going our way on the politics and laws, etc, I know I'm guilty of that too, it's hard not to but we can do it!!!

    Happy Happy Holidays!

  3. Oh my, how can I comment short on this one?! Interesting thoughts and questions!

    First - all this talk about the end of the world freaks me out totally! The end in the meaning of something will destroy earth, it will be a nuclear mess or something like that. Totally nothing we can do and so scary that I don't even want to think about it. Being a mom now I realize I have to be grown up and stable, so I reason with myself alot about these things. Media want to sell numbers. Internet makes our worlds bigger and closer. Nature disasters have occurred always but now we can hear about what happens on the other side of the planet - the same second it actually happens. I think this stresses people like you and me (the generation that has still lived in the world where we sat for hours in phone, talking to our best friends. Land line, that is.) and that's why I think Internet is bad. For me at least. But it's hard to ignore Internet and shrink my world - as I often try to do, like the nonna above- and at the same time be surrounded by people who don't do the same... I think actually that we might be in an important change of an era. It's a new time we're heading. My hope is that people will be so sick and tired of knowing everything about everyone that we will start live without the information. Not more than necessary.
    Computers taking over a lot of human work I hope will lead to new professions within being near people. I hope art and music and theatre and... All lovely things man can do will be what we spend our time at. And science :)
    I'm actually quite interested in politics and economics. Not that I'm all skilled within the areas but I've realized that (again) I'm grown up now. And people that deal with these things are actually also only grown ups. I think it's easy to see the politicians (for example) as unreachable super smart people that are destined to make rules for my life. Like I'm a child and they decide...
    Well, don't know if I managed to make any sense in all this. Anyhow- I remember how scared I was new years 2000, since media predicted a world ending because of all the change from 1900 to 2000 in computers and so on. I still think earth will go through a lot more changes in the future - like it always has! It's alive! And the world might end in a year, tomorrow or in another 20.000 years. I really feel like I appreciate every day and my life. And I will try my very best not to let anything take away my happiness and make me live less!

    Sorry about long comment. Tried to keep it short!

  4. Wow Helene! Thank you so much for your comment. You bring up a lot of really good points that I never really thought of. Its so true that these things have always occurred but we now know about them as soon as they happen and of course that makes us think that they are happening more often than ever before. But I really do agree with you that the internet is too much. There is so much information and the media feeds on that and tries to scare us with it. The internet is now the main source of information and its really hard to know what is actually real and true. With so much technology its easy to manipulate and turn things in a different direction, upsetting people that will possibly take the wrong kind of action against it. Personally I think that that all this talk about the end of the world is just that, talk. Or maybe I just don't want to believe it.
    And your right, the politicians are people just like us and we are just as intelligent, its like celebrities, they're just people.
    So much to think about!! Thank you for such a profound and thoughtful comment!!


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