Friday, November 18, 2011

Progress and Possiibilities

Lots of new things have been happening around here! New developments and new ideas and of course new inspirations.  I recently had the pleasure of working with some great artists and models to put together my first semi-professional photo shoot.  And I say semi because essentially we are all still learning the process but it went amazingly well for out first try.  You can see the best shots on my facebook fan page or on my websites collection page.

I learned so much from the experience, mostly, that I still have a lot to learn! Fashion photography is hard, but the girls did really well.  We all worked great together and it was really nice getting to know new people. I'm happy that the idea came together in the end. This photo shoot was the result of one of my previous post and a little ad I put up on craigslist. Hopefully this is just the first of many more to come.  So if your in Florence and your interested in joining us contact me and I will add you to our email list of events.

Next new development is a small one but one I am very excited about! Of course I dream of having my own gallery/shop one day, but until then my little hallway will have to do! My handyman hubby helped me out by painting the walls, hanging my drawings and paintings and a couple of shelves for me to display my work! YAY!  So I now a mini showroom where I can actually invite people to see my work.

It still needs work and its not much space but it will do for now, that is until I'm famous that is!

I'm now off for a glass of Chianti with my favorite girls at a great little cafe` that I hope to be adding to my Hip Hangout page!

A presto!

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