Monday, September 5, 2011

Swishing the Night Away

So we've all been there, in the dressing room trying on clothes and we decide that we like that dress enough to buy it. Maybe I'll wear it someday, maybe I'll find the right occasion. It's just so cute I can't possibly leave it here! And beside, I'm going to loose 10 pounds and then it will fit me perfectly, just in time for the holidays.  So you bring it home and hang it in the closet........

......And in the closet it stays. Every once in a while you take it out and try it on again, maybe with a cute pair of heels and all the right accessories, but then just like every other time you've tried it on, you take it off just as quickly and back into the closet it goes. It just doesn't fit quite right, or its not really the best color for you, or it makes your hips look a little too wide. But you still love it and you just KNOW that you will wear it. Someday.  Hmmmmmm. Somehow though, that someday never comes. So what do you do?  After all its taking up precious space in the wardrobe.

Well, ladies I'm here to tell you that its time to give up. Yes, that's right, get rid of it, you don't need it in your closet. Give it up for the love of fashion! What I mean by that is let someone else have it, someone who is going to love it and actually wear it! But that doesn't mean you have to throw it in a bag and take it down to your local donation center. Not yet anyway. No, before you do that, have a party! Think of it as a farewell to that beautiful dress who will now have better home. It's time to host a Swish.

Here's how it works; Send out a message on facebook to all your girls and ask them to clean out their closet and get a few things together that they no longer wear. This can be anything, clothes, shoes, jewelry, hats, belts, whatever! Grab a couple bottles of wine and some snacks and invite them over for a night of free shopping! It's so much fun and there are so many benefits. You get to have a fun girls night in drinking wine, hanging out, and trying on clothes.  Someone will finally get some use out of those jeans you never wear and you get to exchange them for things that you actually love and fit you much better and also give you the chance to try things on that you may have overlooked in the store. And if your girlfriends are like mine, they'll TELL you whether or not that dress actually looks good on you. Did I mention that you get to go shopping for free! What could be better than that?  And you don't have to stop at clothes either. My girlfriends and I have included household items, great books we've read, and even make-up. In fact just the other night I picked-up a beautiful leather journal that had never been touched and is in perfect condition. You save money and you get to have fun with the girls. After the Swish is over, take everything that's left and now you can drop it off at a shelter or donation center.

I attended a Swishing party on Saturday night and made out like a bandit.  Check out some of these great pieces I came away with.

Black pencil skirt, so versatile, cute little vintage dress, red and black polka dot dress and 3/4 sleeve gap topper
a pair of gap shorts and old navy skirt that look like they've never even been worn!
Gray ruched tank
bat wing cardi- look so cute on!
Red Jeans! Yay! I don't think I would ever buy these myself, but I love them!
So there you have it! Who says you need to have a lot of money to have a great wardrobe? Have fun!

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