Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Family Time

So where do I begin? It is incredibly hard to put into words how amazing the past two weeks have been. When you live far away from your family you start to accept the distance over time. I won't say you ever get used to it, but it does become a significant part of your relationships. Then something happens when you finally do get to see them again. It's like you miss them more the closer they are to you. Maybe its because you realize that the time will go by so fast and even in all the fun and discovering that is going on, you ultimately know that they will have to go back to their lives and you to yours. Or maybe because you get used to being without them in your day to day life and learn to love them from a distance and then all of a sudden there they are, right in front of you and it's more joy and excitement than you can stand! It's a bittersweet sensation that you want to hold onto for as long as possible. My only consoullation is knowing that she will be back. It may have been my sister's first trip but I know it won't be her last.
Of course I have seen my sister over the years when I returned to California for visits but this was so different. She is the first of my three siblings to come and visit and while my parents have been here several times, having my sister was incredibly important and special for me, not only becuase we were able to reconnect and bond as sisters but also becuase she now completely understands why I am here and how this beautiful, crazy, and grand little country feeds my soul. She truly knows me now and I know something more about her too.  It's an unspoken understanding that explains why I am here and not in LA. And knowing how much she loved it here makes me happier than I know how to explain, not for me, for her.  I know that this trip changed her in many ways too and probably in ways that she hasn't even realized yet and will continue to discover over time. 
We had the greatest time discovering and rediscovering not only Firenze but also Rome, Venice and Milan. Luigi was so fantastic too and I feel like he and I were able to reconnect and bond as well, the three musketeers rompin' and stompin' around the peninsula taking tons of photos and sippin' lots of Spritz! One big happy little family!  She didn't want to leave. I knew that was going to happen! I guess that just means she'll be back really soon! Now its time to get my two brothers over here! 
So here are some of my favorite photos of Bella Italia from our adventure! I hope you enjoy them! (If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen many of these already, sorry, I'm a little addicted to Instagram these days! ) 

              There were many of these going around!
           I absolutely love Venezia! It's a magical place!
                                                 I love you sister! With all my heart! 

I will now be spending the next five days with the other side of my huge international family! My brother in law lives in Australia with his wife and daughter and they're now here until Sunday, then L and I will be off to Calabria for some much needed beach time! 



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