Friday, November 30, 2012

What's it to You?

"To be successful, you must be willing to do the things today others won't do, in order to have the things tomorrow others won't have." -Les Brown

I have been battling a lot lately with the idea of success. We all have a different way of thinking about it and measuring it. Sometimes it can be difficult to really understand what it means to us personally when we are being told that our definition doesn't fit with what others perceive success to be. 

For many of us, we have been raised with the idea that success means making a lot of money and buying a house and a car and having kids. The American Dream essentially, one that has extended beyond the borders of the United States and has filtered into most of the Western World. I know that this is an age old question and that the definition changes with each generation but I somehow feel like we are at a point of transformation in this thinking that is refreshingly unprecedented. And that feels incredibly good to me. 

Recently, I was told that I should, not in so many words, give up on my dream of opening an art and design studio because I haven't yet been successful according to that persons definition of success. I don't think that the comment was meant to hurt me and I understand where this person is coming from, they have seen my struggles and worry that I am hoping for something that will never be. Well it turns out that I disagree. I'm so close to my definition of success I can taste it. And all the struggles that I've had to embark upon along the way are well worth it to me.

My lovely reader Helene first shared this photo with me - it always inspires me! 
Someone who did make their dreams come true recently told me that if I believe in what I am doing then its worth fighting for, even if that means fighting with those who are closest to me. And with this, I happen to agree. My definition of success is dedicating myself and committing myself to what I believe in no matter what others try to say. I have found that it is usually those who are afraid of trying are the ones who will tell you can't but that doesn't mean you have to listen. 

My definition of success is knowing that I tried my best, and gave it my all- the end result is secondary. If I fail according to my own definition of failure, then I will pick myself up and try again. 

Yesterday I received a serendipitous email from an amazing woman I had the privilege of working with last Spring. She sent me a link to an amazing video that I am including here. I hope you will take the time to watch it as it truly filled me up and reassured me of my path. I found the message she included in the email not only too be incredibly profound and enlightening but also made me feel incredibly honored to know that someone else sees me this way: 

     Dear Blake, Tyler, Muna, Laura, Sara, Helen, Brandi, Melanie Scott, Christine, Antonio, Chante, Paola, Leila, Nathan    and Sarah, 

My super great friend, Beth, from New Orleans sent me this video ... She said it reminded her of our conversations and what we are both seeing in the next generation of leaders ... after watching it, I couldn't agree with her more ... I wanted to share it with each of you especially after all of our long conversations about living your passion ... your passion to make a difference in the world ... It so filled my heart with joy to have had so much time with each of you who are making big changes in your lives in order to fulfill your purpose ... your Divine calling ... I want you to know that I believe in you and saw this very same quality in each of you during our many discussions ... the "old & false" powers to be are now beginning to fall away in great numbers ... the world is awaking up in masses now ... each of you will be called to step into a leadership role and to serve with a new kind of leadership ... a leadership that serves instead of takes ... in each generation, few will choose the path of true leadership that is why it feels lonely at times ... please know that we are here for you when you need encouragement to keep going and to live into your best self ...  when I was your age that is what I did ... I focussed on serving and in return the universe served and cared for me in a way that I could have never imagined ... you will be successful but not because you were focussed on making money ... that is old thinking and will not work going forward ... it is when you serve that the riches really roll in ... you are ready and I couldn't be happier to know you and to be in full support of each of you ... it is your time to fly and fly high ... the world needs what you have to offer so don't stop now ... make the changes that need to be made and go for it ... I am cheering you on very step of the way!

Also, a special message of thanks to the special light workers of the "older" generation that not only served greatly but are now encouraging and supporting the next generation to grow and be all that they can be during this time of great change ... Many blessings to all of you who are helping to pave the way for our future leaders ... they can't do it without you and we can't do it without them ... beautiful team work!

Here's to our success!  
Many blessings of Love, Light & Joy,

WOW!! Thank you! I am honored and humbled. 

So don't ever give up on your dreams or change your definition of success to fits someone else's mold. 
We all see the world a different way, that's what makes it so beautiful - il mondo è bello perchè è vario What is you personal definition of success? Share it in the comments below! 

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