Friday, July 29, 2011

Retail Therapy

Yesterday morning as I was scrolling through the news feed on facebook I came a across an article posted by Self Magazine, one of the many health and fitness mags I 'like' on fb, it was titled "Can Shopping Actually Help You Live Longer?" Talk about attention grabbing headlines! Well, obviously I was intrigued, as I'm sure most women on the planet would have been. So I of course quickly clicked on the link to find the answer to this burning question, and even though the article wasn't really about only this subject, but rather other ways to elongate your life, that one little paragraph was enough to convince me! That's all I needed! And since I'm all about being healthy these days, if I can find little ways to fit an extra health benefit or two into my day, hey I'm all for it!  And just for a little added extra support I did a quick Google search to find a bit more evidence of this wonderful news and wouldn't you know it? It's true!! Women's Health Magazine also published an article on the subject a few months back. And who wants to argue with the good doctors at MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and Stanford? Not me!

So with that, I strapped on my sandals and grabbed my handbag and I was out the door to reap the benefits! And since I've been working on a new jewelry collection this week and have been feeling a little stressed about finishing and a with a few pieces not working out exactly how I'd planned, I figured this was just what I needed.

So I headed straight for H&M, cheap, cute clothes with the added benefit of the sales. What more could a girl ask for?  Unfortunately, the sale racks have been pretty well picked through so without much luck in that section I headed over to check out the new collection where I immediately fell head over heels in L.O.V.E with this adorable dress. 

And even though it was full price, its H&M, and for 40 euro you really can't go wrong. I mean its definitely a transition piece. I can wear it now with my sandals and then in Autumn throw on some tights,  knee high brown boots and a little cardi and I'm good to go. And its a neutral so I can wear it to any event and dress it up or down with the right shoes and accessories.
Oh, wow, it really does work! All of life's worries go slipping away with the right dress in your closet. Oh, and I got a great little belt to go with it and a leopard print pashmina too! 

Of course I have always heard the term 'retail therapy' and have used it quite loosely on occasion myself, never necessarily arguing against it, but I also never considered that it it could be truly therapeutic, until today that is.  Or maybe I was simply paying more attention today.

And so my lovelies, here it is, no more feeling guilty, when life is getting you down or your projects aren't going quite as planned, take a little break and go shopping! It's good for your health, the doctor said so! Although, my husband still needs a little more convincing.....

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