Wednesday, April 13, 2011

So would you believe me if I told you, Part II...

This just keeps getting better and better, and at this point I just have to laugh, (well I did get a little frustrated this morning, but now I'm laughing)  So the broken computer saga continues...

My husband and I are getting a little tired of sharing a computer, spoiled I know, but we both have things we need to do, fatture da fare, blogs to write, photos to edit, and lets face it, games and t.v shows to watch, so since he was going to be in the area, I asked him to stop in the shop and see if they had any news on this computer part.  I was good and ready to tell him that if it hadn't arrived to tell them that I didn't want it anymore! I was going to take it somewhere else, or better yet just wait another month for my family to arrive, order another one and have it sent to one of them and they could stick it in their suitcase,  ormai it's 2 1/2 months, what's one more?

Well as it turns out I didn't have to do that. Why? Well guess what? It's here!!!!!  Yes that's right, it arrived!!! OMG! I could hardly believe it.

But see this is where the frustration comes in.  My husband went to check on it a little over a week ago and this is when he was told that it was told that it was stuck at customs, but what he found out today is that it arrived 3 WEEKS AGO!!!!!!!! See I told you you wouldn't believe me!  It's been there, just sitting in the shop and no one bothered to call and tell me it was there.  And the explanation to this? Well apparently the ragazzo who did the ordering doesn't work there anymore. Beh? Allora?  What does that mean? If we hadn't stopped in no one would have ever called?  I mean, they paid for the thing after all.  Don't they want to collect the money they spent on it?  But moreover, how do you NOT know what's going on in your store just because someone doesn't work there anymore? Unbelievable, really.  So in the end, the computer is there to be repaired and now we have been told that they will call us within the week to let us know when we can pick it up. E da vedere! Now let's see how long this takes!

It really truly is beyond words, (although I guess I managed to find a few) One thing about the Italian culture is that they are masters of non-colpevole. It's never, ever the fault of the person that you speak with. In fact the girl actually asked my husband who he spoke with the last time he was there, and he said "you, I spoke with you" and she said "no, you didn't speak with me" WOW! really?  So problems of shipping aside, the piece was there, in the shop 3 WEEKS ago, when we were told it was still stuck in customs!!!!! Come on people GET IT TOGETHER!!!

Seriously, patience truly IS a virtue especially in this country!

But in the end, there is no where else I'd rather be.

Awwwwww!!!! I feel so much better now, thanks for letting me vent. Let's hope that the next post I write will be from my computer!

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