Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It Never Rains in Southern California

Well it seems as though the rain is following us.  We left cold, wet, rainy Florence in search of dryer ground and as soon as we arrived in L.A so did the rain!

We were very hopeful in our last few days in Florence as we were receiving news from friends and family that L.A had reached 85 degrees Fahrenheit, (about 30 degrees Celsius)! How exciting considering that it had rained in Florence for exactly one month straight! The entire month of November was wet! We couldn't wait for the sun and warm weather. Well so much for that!

But I guess we really can't complain since it certainly is much warmer here than it was in Florence and it gives us a chance to cuddle up by the fire and watch Christmas movies with my nieces and nephews that I haven't seen in over a year. And my sister and I spent the entire day inside yesterday baking Christmas cookies. Yum! We did ruin a few batches and I think we may have eaten more than we baked but it was tons of fun!
The forecast tells us that the sun will come out tomorrow! Lets hope they're right!


  1. Is that your house in California??? Bellllla anche nella pioggia!

  2. Thanks Michele! My sister's actually, but where we were staying. That backyard is great fun in the summertime!


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