Saturday, November 27, 2010

This Little Piggy Went to Market

Saturday is my favorite day of the week. Not only because I get to sleep in but rather because Saturday morning is when I go to the market. Mercato Sant'Ambrogio is literally 1 block and a corner away from where I live and even though it's open Monday-Saturday, I usually like to head over on Saturdaay morning to stock up for the week.  Luckily I can always run over during the week too just in case I find myself missing something. And much to our delight they have recently extended the hours on Wednesday and Friday to 7pm.  Every other day it is open form 7:30am to 1:30-2pmish.

Generally I let  myself wake up whenever I want and make some coffee for my husband and I and then I head on over the market with my trusty carrello. I love this thing let me tell you! And I fit in with all the old Italian ladies too!
I usually start outside and walk around the section that has all the clothes and housewares first to see if there is anything that I simply cannot live without.  You can find anything you can imagine here, from clothes to jewelry and shoes to linens to pots and pans.

I am loving all the recently added bead and jewelry supply vendors! Great stuff for great prices. 
 The vendors are on a rotating schedule which means they move around the city to the various outdoor market places. That means you will usually find different products and vendors each time you go.

     This guys had some great scarves today. I bought 2. They were only 
5euro a piece! Can't beat that!

After I look around a bit I head over to the front outside portion and pick up all my fruits and veggies.  The choices are plentiful and I never know what to choose. The good thing is that most of them are seasonal so the selection changes just about every 3 months or so. No broccoli in the Spring and Summer around here!

 People ask me all the time how its possible for the Italians to stay so thin. Its pretty hard to resist all this healthy goodness around here!
After I gather up all the fresh produce my heart desires I usually head indoors for all the rest. Meat and dairy products as well as grains and flours and anything else that may look particularly appealing that day. 

 While yes, Saturday Morning is the busiest day of the week, I don't mind. I love the idea of being amongst the crowds listening to all the noises watching the worker interacting with all the locals.
 This little guy is looking through the glass at all those yummy dolce! Just waiting patiently for his turn.

 Quite possibly THE best yogurt I have ever tasted in my life! I get a little container every week. In fact they don't even have to ask me anymore!
And then I head back home and throw it all together and have the most delicious lunch imaginable.
So if you really want to do as the Florentines, head over to Mercato Sant'Ambrogio any day of the week (except Sunday of course) and dig in! I always tell tourists this when they ask me where the most authentic place for a Florentine lunch is......are you drooling yet? I think I need a little snack myself!
Ciao e Buon Appetito!


  1. Beautiful photos! Ahhh. I love Sant'Ambrogio! I would love to have a sampling of their yummies right now. Thanks for the "tour" :)

  2. Thanks Cri! It's always more fun with you though! Let me know if you want me to send you anything!!


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